About Us


Madison-Davis ("MDPS") was formed as the advisory and consulting arm of a long-standing professional services, exectuive recruiting and staffing firm which has served all industries globally, but in particular witih Wall Street and other large complex financial instituions for over 27 years, including over 25% of the Fortune 500.

During the last decade the firm evolved as the only one of its kind that ingrates strategy, risk mangement and business processes for its clients.  Madison-Davis accomplishes this mission by integrating its industry expertise on an advisory basis with subeject-matter-experts that utilize unique and proprietary content, data and information that it has accumulated over years to help its client make informed and intelligent business decisions.  This expertise, content, data and information is delivered to the client and their organization thorugh the most advanced technology tools and products on a cost-effective basis.

Madison-Davis' offices are located in New York City and on Long Island.  The firm has a global reach with clients located in over 25 countries.  Our business is rapidly expanding in step with increased demand that is occurring through the convergence of risk management, governance, and compliance with business strategy, accounting, operational and technology process improvement.

Our Goal

Madison-Davis aims to bring the best combination of talent, tools and data our clients are seeking to improve their ability to manage their businesses and report to stakeholders in an increasingly complex and risk global environment.

Value is delivered to our clients at all levels within the organization.  Boards require sound advice on governance methodologies and SEC reporting, while operations and technology groups require highly experienced program and project management, business analytics and/or team support and augmentation.  Our goal with our every effort is to coordinate and deliver high-quality, consistently reliable solutions while each member of our team holds close our client's overall business objectives.

Our business model is uniquely designed to develop solutions that custom fit our client's culture and needs, and to assemble the broadest combination of talent required to laser focus on complex issues.  Unlike firms who must work thorough their own complex, structured organizations to bring together the right expertise, Madison-Davis is designed to move nimbly by creating flexible structures and teams based on the type and level of effort necessary to solve client's business issues.

Our Management Team

Madison-Davis's leadership team is made up of executives who have built strong client loyalty and a name in the market over the decades by being ahead of the curve thinkers.  Our executive team, over the years as their firms have served thousands of clients, has a strong track record of forming visions about unmet needs in the marketplace, and transforming changes into practical ways of advising their clients.  For instance, our management team is passionate about anticipating changes in the global and local market places and building key relationships, as well as new and efficient tools and products to serve our clients.  Madison-Davis has demonstrated this recently by integrating the required content, data and information to help its clients measure, monitor and make critical decisions about the world events and internal operations that affect their businesses.

Over the last 27 years, Madison-Davis has extended its management, delivery teams and staff to include the appropriate strategic alliance and business partnerships to assist with the service and delivery of these "Integrated Solutions".  In these cases we have combined world renowned subject-matter-experts across every industry and a broad array of practice-related technologies, tools and data structures that are proprietary and are being used both in today's larger global and smaller private businesses.  One of our key strengths is our ability to seamlessly orchestrate and integrate multiple disciplines and partners that generate value for our clients' focused needs in a cost-effective manner.  Madison-Davis has designed our reward systems by achieve team-oriented goals that focus strictly on delivering great services, products and tools for our client.

Our Approach

The Madison-Davis approach of providing "Integrated Solutions" to help our clients solve their business and process problems is unique, and has clearly distinguished us in the marketplace.  Our solutions are delivered thorough a "Hybrid Business Model" that provides the most value to our clients.  This model allows us to provide advisory expertise while helping our clients establish a recurring process including highly valuable content, data, and information structures enabling companies to continuously monitor change and occurrences of events relative to business strategy.  The most important aspect of these "Integrated Solutions" is that they are delivered to the client thorough the most cost-effective and efficient technology tools and products, such as SaaS.

Every highly-experienced Madison-Davis professional, whether in an advisory role or participating on an engagement, strives to gain an overall understanding of our client's business objectives and goals.  No matter how large or small the scope of the engagement, by actively communicating with other Madison-Davis team members and our client, each professional takes responsibility in building a holistic view of the organizations' overall condition.  In doing so, we can anticipate needs and therefore, become exceptionally well-rounded partners who can deliver highly effective, targeted solutions across a wide-spectrum of initiatives over time.

Although Madison-Davis has always had its roots in working with both large, complex, global organizations and small private companies, we are adept at working with scaled-down methods of achieving results in smaller, less complex businesses, especially if they are highly regulated.  We do this by pairing consulting advisors who have hands-on experience working in similar type firms, such as smaller hedge funds and community banks, and by performing financial, accounting and technology functions in small private and publicly-owned companies as well as not-for-profit institutions.